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ENTRYpro 7010 TWIN

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secuEntry pro 7010 Twin: The electronic door lock for opening from both sides.

Leaving the house without a key? No problem with the secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin door lock! After installation, you can easily open your new door lock in five different ways: by code, fingerprint, with an active or passive transponder as well as with your smartphone. And as the name Twin suggests: both inside and outside knobs can be opened and closed. This makes the secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin extremely flexible to use.

How the 7010 Twin door lock works

The technology of the Twin cylinder in detail: Inside and outside knobs are disengaged in inactive mode. Only when the corresponding signal is given does the knob engage; the door can be opened or locked. Thanks to this technology, the secuENTRY 7010 is ideally suited for passage doors that are to be locked on both sides or for doors with a reach-through option, such as garden doors. Since both knobs are in the idle position, they cannot be opened by reaching through. Incidentally, the secuEntry Twin is ideally suited for outdoor use, thanks to its high IP65 protection class (protection against dust penetration, protection against water jets).

Data transmission with the latest Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE

When opening via Bluetooth (code, fingerprint, active transponder, BURGsmart app), all information is securely AES encrypted during data transmission with the latest Bluetooth standard 5.2 LE and thus optimally protected against manipulation. The range is up to 4 metres. Both inside and outside knobs can read the transponder signals. The cylinder has a history function and remembers the last 2,000 openings.

Installation secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin

During installation, the mechanical profile cylinder is quickly and easily replaced by the electronically controlled door cylinder secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin. This can be installed easily in just a few steps - in doors up to 130 mm thick (67.5 mm/62.5 mm, measured from the centre of the forend screw). The electronic cylinder can be easily integrated into almost any door afterwards and is suitable for house and flat doors as well as for interior doors. Of course, the existing fittings remain intact, drilling is not necessary.The door cylinder has protection class IP65. This means: complete protection against contact, dust penetration and water jets (from all directions). The required batteries are of course included in the scope of delivery (1x CR123A lithium battery each in the outside and inside knob). The secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin is approved as an anti-panic cylinder for escape doors.

Optional PC software

The optionally available secuENTRY PC software provides you with many additional features. It allows you to manage all users clearly, grant or revoke access rights for persons authorised by you and read out the access history. In this way, the software allows you to keep an eye on all processes at all times!

Approved as an anti-panic cylinder

The secuENTRY pro 7010 Twin can also be used as an anti-panic cylinder for escape doors with anti-panic function. As standard with freewheeling and panic function FZG according to the guideline FZG, edition 2020-07-06 of the PIV. This means: A door can be opened from the inside at any time in an emergency (e.g. in the event of a fire), even if it is locked and therefore cannot be opened from the outside. (The cylinder fulfils the requirement of the class of panic function F2 and FZG from DIN 18252:2018-05. Tested by the Prüfinstitut Schlösser und Beschläge Velbert (PIV)).

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