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23 C 70 SB

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Packaging type

Colour:Stainless steel
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The robust Circle 23 round shackle lock

Optimum protection in wind and weather. Plus a hardened shackle and hardly any attack surface for prying tools. The Circle 23 round shackle lock scores with this combination, making it a real all-rounder for use both indoors and outdoors. You have a choice when opening and closing the Circle 23. Simply change the four-digit numerical code to your favourite of 10,0000 possible combinations. The big advantage of a combination lock: you can't lose, misplace or forget the key ...

Stainless steel body meets hardened chrome shackle

The body of the Circle 23 round shackle lock is made of stainless steel. This means that the padlock is well protected against rust. The same applies to the chrome-plated, hardened, nine millimetre thick shackle. Thanks to the special construction, the shackle is protected from being pinched open. Because if the Circle 23 hangs on a bolt, for example, criminals find it difficult to find a point of attack. To prevent scratches and scuffs, the Circle 23 lock has a rubber bumper. This keeps the modern stainless steel body as beautiful as on the first day for a long time.

Circle padlock - opening and closing with your favourite code

To open and close the round shackle lock, use the small lever on the front. With the correct four-digit code, you can move the shackle in or out of the body. If the combination of numbers is wrong, the shackle cannot be moved, of course. To change the numerical code, use the slot on the back. After a quarter turn clockwise - for example with a coin - set your code of choice. After turning the slot back, the new combination applies.

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