Schloss & Riegel-Vorhängeschlösser 〡 444 50 K1 GL

444 50

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The practical padlock 444 Quadra

The special feature of this padlock is its square shape. This gives the lock not only a beautiful appearance but also additional protection against picking.The body of the 444 Quadra is made of solid brass and is equipped with a steel hard shackle. The special feature? Here the shackle is optimally integrated into the design so that pry tools can only be used with difficulty.Thanks to the robust housing construction, the inner work is also optimally protected against rust at all times.The padlock 444 Quadra is available in different versions, with different shackle thicknesses (7 or 12 mm), shackle widths (14, 22 or 36 mm) and shackle heights (14, 16.5 or 18 mm).