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COSMO 3765 Ni

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The Cosmo stainless steel letterbox: modern, practical, elegant

Exceptional design meets exquisite material: The Cosmo letterbox is "Made in Germany" and a real eye-catcher at every house entrance. And it will remain so for many years. Because the natural, hand-wiped stainless steel is absolutely rustproof and defies wind and weather. The Cosmo stainless steel letterbox from BURG-WÄCHTER was awarded the PLUS X AWARD 2020 for high quality, ease of use and functionality!

Convincing convenience functions

The rounded design of the Cosmo gives the letterbox a noble appearance. Furthermore, the model convinces with its concise feel. Because with a weight of 10.7 kilograms, you feel a real heavyweight in your hands every time you open and close the letterbox or lift the flap. A premium letterbox!

Premium stainless steel, exquisite design

Of course, the Cosmo letterbox does not only score with its noble material and its appearance. Thanks to clever features, daily use is very convenient for you. The locking cylinder is not only concealed, but also offers a practical click closure. This means that you can lock the letterbox without a key. In addition, the Cosmo letterbox has an opening stop with a soft-opening comfort hinge. This means that no mail ever lands on the floor again, both of which make the letterbox extremely functional.

Cosmo offers a large newspaper compartment and plenty of space

Thanks to the spacious newspaper compartment at the back, you always have quick access to your newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, the Cosmo stainless steel letterbox offers enough storage space for your mail. Of course, the high-quality letterbox complies with the European Standard (EN) 13724, which means that there is room for items up to DIN C4 format in the Cosmo without creasing.

Natural, hand-wiped stainless steel

The elegant Cosmo letterbox is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but also extremely durable. This is ensured by the natural, hand-wiped stainless steel with its extreme robustness. At the same time, it is extremely easy to clean. It is sufficient to clean your stainless steel letterbox regularly with a damp, clean cloth.

Wall-mounted or free-standing

The necessary mounting material is included so that you can use your letterbox straight away. Four holes for mounting are integrated on the back of the Cosmo letterbox. If you prefer to mount the Cosmo letterbox free-standing, you will find the right stand in our Rondo or Universal models. To further increase the longevity of the letterbox, we recommend a weather-protected location.

Accessories and spare parts

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