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Lucca-Set 37130 NI Letter

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Colour:Stainless steel with transparent protective coating


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Lucca letterbox with translucent door and chrome-plated precision lock.

The special feature of this stainless steel letterbox is the translucent, anthracite-coloured door made of satin-finish, high-quality plastic. Here you can see whether there is mail for you in the letterbox before you actually open it.

As a set with a practical newspaper box

The Lucca letterbox set comes with an additional newspaper box. It is sturdily mounted underneath the letterbox. This allows you to conveniently receive mail and newspapers together in one place.

See directly whether mail has arrived

With the Lucca letterbox, annoying checking is a thing of the past: From now on, you can see whether and how much mail is hidden inside before you even open the letterbox door. A more than practical solution! The large volume and the opening stop of the door provide even more comfort when removing the mail. Your mail is kept safe and secure throughout with the extra chrome-plated lock.

Anthracite meets stainless steel

The insertion is also particularly convenient with the DIN C4 format slot, which also allows for the delivery of larger envelopes. Furthermore, the design is convincing: the anthracite-coloured plastic door harmonises perfectly with the noble stainless steel body. The simple letter motif on the door is an additional eye-catcher. Of course, the Lucca stainless steel letterbox complies with the European standard EN 13724.

High-quality stainless steel with protective seal

The body of the Lucca is made of stainless steel. The transparent lacquering protects against scratches and ensures a pleasant feel. Furthermore, this model is weatherproof, insensitive and extremely durable. You can enjoy this letterbox for a long time to come. Cleaning is very easy: simply wipe regularly with a damp, clean cloth.

Installation tip for the Lucca letterbox

The Lucca should not be exposed to permanent, direct weathering. BURG-WÄCHTER recommends: Mount it on the house wall in a weather-protected area using the enclosed mounting material or place it freely in a location of your choice using a suitable letterbox stand

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