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Profi 116 PC 50

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Packaging type

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German Engineering: The high-tech padlock 116 Profi PC for exchangeable profile half cylinders.

The 116 Profi PC lock from BURG-WÄCHTER is suitable for almost all DIN-compatible profile half cylinders (length 10/30 mm). Therefore, please note that this product is supplied without cylinder.

Quick assembly, disassembly and replacement

The high-tech lock is already fully prepared for the installation of exchangeable half cylinders. The respective cylinder does not have to be machined for assembly.This feature makes the 116 Profi PC suitable for integration into existing and new locking systems.The housing is made of solid brass and is equipped with a hardened shackle which is also double-locked.A more than practical solution for locking systems: The 116 Profi PC padlock from BURG-WÄCHTER!