Schloss & Riegel-Vorhängeschlösser 〡 Scan & Lock 610/53

Scan & Lock 610/53

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Scan & Lock: The padlock with finger scanner

Your finger is the key!Opening a padlock has never been easier. Because with the Scan & Lock, all you need is your finger. You can open the locker in the fitness centre, the cellar room or the door to the garden shed. Thanks to the high protection class IP 65, the Scan & Lock is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.Particularly practical: the lock stores up to ten different fingerprints. This means that several people can open the Scan & Lock without having to pass on the key or code. Ideal for use in companies or in the catering industry.Of course, the lock warns you when the battery is low. This means that the battery can simply be recharged using the cable provided. Even if the battery is completely empty, you can still open the lock with an emergency key. The Scan & Lock is not only easy to open, but is also well protected against attempts to break it open. This is ensured by the steel-hard, seven millimetre thick shackle.