Schloss & Riegel-Vorhängeschlösser 〡 900/85 V

900/85 V

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The high-tech security lock 900 Alpha Titan for the highest demands.

The special housing construction of the 900 Alpha Titan made of hardened and chrome-plated steel offers an extremely high level of break-in protection.The ultra-hard shackle is also optimally protected against forced opening and at the same time enables a smooth opening.

Prepared for half cylinder

Please note that this security lock is supplied without a half cylinder!Info: All profile half cylinders standardised according to EN 1303 (standard length 40 mm) with adjustable cam and all standardised Scandinavian 6-pin oval cylinders can be used in the 900 Alpha Titan lock.The installation effort here is extremely low and the conversion is carried out without modifying the respective locking cylinder.The insertable locking mechanism is always protected against drilling and corrosion.Always be on the safe side with the security lock 900 Alpha Titan from BURG-WÄCHTER!