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TSA 78 30 SB

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The TSA 78 security combination lock with displayDo you often travel? A high-quality luggage security system can only be an advantage.Particularly practical for air travel, especially to the USA, are the TSA combination locks from BURG-WÄCHTER.

Info: TSA locks

These combination locks are specially designed for air travel to the USA. The US security authority TSA can open the lock for control purposes. If your suitcase has a lock without TSA, your luggage may be broken into.The special feature of the TSA 78 model is the integrated indicator, which informs you if the TSA has opened the lock.The adjustable combination lock is equipped with three number rollers. Choose your personal combination and secure your luggage and much more - without keys.Always on the safe side with a TSA padlock from BURG-WÄCHTER!

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