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secuENTRY pro 7071 Relay - conveniently open gates and garages

Do you want to open your garage door electrically? Or the gate to your courtyard entrance? Then simply integrate the corresponding gate into the secuENTRY pro locking system! The secuENTRY pro 7071 relay makes it possible. The switching unit sends the corresponding signal to open or close the gate. Of course, there are many other possible applications. Any external electrical device can be switched with the relay. For example, rolling gates or barriers. Furthermore, light sources can also be controlled via the switching unit.

Secure data transmission thanks to AES encryption

The secuENTRY pro 7071 relay can be activated in various ways. By pin code or finger scan via the secuENTRY pro keypad as well as via the sE-Key active transponder. Of course, switching via the BURGsmart App is also possible. Incidentally, the data is received via Bluetooth 4.0 and is secure thanks to AES encryption. The switching unit is installed in a weatherproof and tamper-proof area. Important: No voltage of 230 volts may be switched via the relay 7071. The maximum voltage is 24 volts. To teach-in the secuENTRY pro 7071 relay, simply use the QR code enclosed in the packaging.

Easy assignment of opening authorisations and time functions

Using the optional secuENTRY software, you can equip the relay with time functions and assign opening rights. This means you always have an overview of who is allowed to use the functions of the secuENTRY pro 7071 relay and who is not. 

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