Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten 〡 ENTRYpro 7072 REMOTE


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secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote for automatic remote release

The secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote makes your secuENTRY locking system even more flexible. Because the small switching unit (59 x 34 millimetres) functions as a remote control. For example, the secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote can be used to automatically trigger the motor of electronic garage doors on arrival. Furthermore, the remote control can be integrated into existing, external control units. For example, the activation and deactivation of alarm systems is possible via the switching unit. Of course, the areas of application are even more diverse. Because the Remote 7072 is used wherever an electronic device is to be activated remotely.

Remote is integrated into software via QR code scan

The secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote is easily read into the system via PC software by scanning the enclosed QR code. You then assign locks to the switching unit which the Remote 7072 is to switch in future. To make the desired settings, the Remote must be in the programming state. To do this, you must close the contact between the blue connecting wire and the red positive pole for ten seconds. The device then switches to programming status for 40 seconds.

secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote - Secure thanks to AES encryption

After integration into the system, the device is installed. This must be carried out in an area protected from weather and tampering. Power is supplied via a stabilising power pack (voltage: 5 volts to 12 volts), which is not included in the scope of delivery. Reverse polarity protection is provided. The range of the secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote is up to three metres. Thanks to the encrypted radio transmission in the AES standard, all information is secure.


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