Türschlosselektronik-secuENTRY Einzelkomponenten | ENTRYpro 7072 REMOTE


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Save yourself climbing the stairs: Door opening from the third floor with the secuENTRY Remote

The secuENTRY Remote looks inconspicuous. But the handy device can save you a lot of time! When activated, the Remote sends a Bluetooth signal. This way - for example in office buildings - customers and guests can open the entrance door even if you are on the third floor.

Signal is triggered remotely by switch

How does it work? You operate a switch (button) on the third floor, the cable of which is connected to the secuENTRY Remote on the ground floor. This sends the opening signal to the electronic secuENTRY door lock, which can now be opened from the outside. The distance between the remote and the door lock should be a maximum of four metres.

Remote is integrated into software via QR code scan

The secuENTRY pro 7072 Remote is conveniently read into the system via PC software by scanning the enclosed QR code. You then assign locks to the switching unit which the Remote 7072 is to switch in future. After the integration into the system, the installation takes place. This must be carried out in an area that is protected from weather and tampering. Power is supplied via a stabilising power supply unit (voltage: 5 volts to 12 volts), which is not included in the scope of delivery. Reverse polarity protection is provided. Thanks to the encrypted radio transmission in the AES standard, all information is secure.

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